In July 2010 we launched a new investment – an Anti-corrosion Protection Technology Line, consisting of a shot-blasting chamber and industrial spray booth with a paint drying chamber, both purchased by Hydro-Naval. This investment was partially funded by European Union grants. The BLASTECO PC-BL 1254 shot blasting chamber from the SciTeex company is used for preparing the surface of the construction before paint application. It is supplied with a BM-SB 200 self-cleaning dust collector, which results in the effective, efficient and energy-saving exploitation of the chamber. The chamber works in conjunction with a spray booth, adapted for applying paint layers on elements of various shapes and sizes. The paint drying chamber allows the elements to dry several times faster than in normal conditions. Thanks to this investment we are able to coat the product in accordance with NORSOK M-501 surface preparation standard developed by the Norwegian petroleum industry. Each painted product lasts for 20-25 years or more, if the requirements of this NORSOK standard are fulfilled.

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